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이지피스 NVR-IP 카메라
이지피스 이지뷰IP 시리즈
2MP 네트워크 차량번호인식 카메라
3.2~10.5mm 전동 가변 초첨 렌즈
최대 시속 30km 이내 차량번호 인식 가능
IP67 생활 방수 지원
POE+ 지원
제품 특징
이지피스 이지뷰IP 2메가픽셀 네트워크 차량번호인식 카메라
POE+ 기능 지원
1/2.8" 1080P@25/30fps(1920x1080)
3.2~10.5mm 전동 가변 초첨 렌즈
야간 가시 거리 최대 12m
최대 시속 30km 이내 차량번호 인식 가능
IP67 등급의 뛰어난 방수 기능
제품 이미지
제품 외관도
제품 사양
Illuminator Number 6 IR illuminators, brightness adjustable
Image Sensor 1/2.8'' CMOS
Image Resolution 1920 × 1080 (OSD black strip excluded)
Video Resolution Main stream 1080P(1920×1080) / 720P(1280×720)
Sub stream 720P(1280×720) / D1(704×576, 704×480) / CIF(352×288, 352×240)
Video Frame Rate PAL Main stream 1920×1080@25fps, 1280×720@25fps
sub stream 1280×720@25fps, 704×576@25fps, 352×288@25fps
NTSC Main stream 1920×1080@30fps, 1280×720@30fps
sub stream 1280×720@30fps, 704×408@30fps, 352×240@30fps
Bit Rate H.264B: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
H.264M: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
H.264H: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
H.265: 32Kbps–32768Kbps
MJPEG: 512Kbps–65536Kbps
Video Compression H.264B / H.264M / H.264H / H.265 / MJPEG
Picture Encoding Format JPEG
Noise Reduction 3DNR
White Balance Full auto, auto color temperature range, customized color temperature
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/50–1/10000, auto or manual
WDR 96 db
Edge Enhancement Yes
Exposure Mode Full auto, customized auto, customized
Iris Control Auto iris (W: 1.6–T: 3.3)
Trigger Mode Video detection; I/O coil; video detection and I/O coil
Shutter Single shutter
Storage 1 built-in TF card port. Supports Kingston 16G, 32G, 64G, and 128G;
Dahua 16G, 32G, 64G, and 128G; SanDisk 16G, 32G, 64G, and 128G
Image Tampering Prevention Yes. Video/picture can be checked through watermark and verification
Field of View Horizontal: 108.1°(W) – 30.3°(T); / Vertical: 56.3°(W) – 17.1°(T); / Diagonal: 130.9°(W) – 34.8°(T);
Illumination Distance 12 m (39.37 ft)
Capture Range 3m – 6m (9.84 ft – 19.69 ft)
Detected Lane Width 3m – 4m (9.84 ft – 13.12 ft)
Min Ambient Illuminance 0.002 Lux. Illuminator is designed with the camera for illumination
Max Speed that
the Camera Detects
30 km/h
Alarm Event Alarm in the case of no storage card, not enough storage space,
storage card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, and illegal access
Security Authorized username and password, MAC address binding,
HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1x, and network access control
OSD Overlay Supports overlay of time, address (position of channel), lane (number/direction),
plate (number and color), vehicle (speed, color, type)
Automatic Network
Replenishment (ANR)
Yes. Platform/FTP
Auto Registration Yes
Vehicle Detection Vehicle capture rate ≥99%
Vehicle Recognition Supports recognizing vehicle type, vehicle logo, vehicle series, vehicle color, license plate,
features of driver and front-seat passenger, and vehicle without plate. Vehicle recognition rate ≥95%
Video Metadata Yes
Intelligent Track Frame Intelligent frame display. Supports displaying vehicle plate and vehicle path
Lens Mount Φ14
Analog Output 1
Network 1 100/1000M Ethernet port (RJ-45)
RS-485 2
RS-232 1
Alarm Input 3, optocoupler input (on-off input)
Alarm Output 3 ports. 2-channel optocoupler output, 1-channel relay output,
which can connect to devices such as barriers
Audio Input 1-channel RCA port
Audio Output 1-channel RCA port
Power Supply 12V DC, 24V AC, PoE+
Power Consumption <20W
Operating Temperature −30°C to +65°C (−22°F to +149 °F)
Operating Humidity 10%RH–90%RH (no condensation)
Casing Metal and plastic
Protection Grade IP67
Dimensions 296.5mm × 124.3mm × 107.7mm (11.67'' × 4.89'' × 4.24'')(L × W × H)
Net Weight 1.7 kg (3.75 lb)
Gross Weight 2.3 kg (5.07 lb)
Installation Installed with bracket
Lens 3.2mm – 10.5mm
RoHS Yes
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